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Increase Traffic to
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Local Rank excels in boosting local SEO—and when your business is successfully search engine optimized, more traffic makes it to your website. SEO is all about promoting your online presence that more potential customers can find your business easily and contact you for service. Your website can’t persuade potential customers to contact you if it can’t easily be found online. With Local Rank, you can increase your business’s local visibility with every check-in. Improved online visibility means increased website traffic—and that’s how you grow your business in this digital age.

What Is Website Traffic?

Simply put, website traffic refers to the number of visitors to your website. Each visit represents a lead—an opportunity to convert someone into a customer. Not every visitor will become a customer, but your chances for increasing conversions goes up as you experience more website traffic.

Not every visitor to your website is a legitimate lead. Some people mistakenly click in and then quickly click out. Some of your website traffic might be your competition, stopping by to check things out. In many cases, however, visitors represent an opportunity for your business to transform them into qualified leads and then into actual customers.

More website traffic can translate into more revenue if your conversation rate is increasing. That’s why most businesses are consumed with the idea of promoting more traffic to their website. Local Rank provides all types of businesses with an opportunity to dramatically increase website traffic by improving local SEO. The more people that can locate your business online, the more chances you have to convince them to choose you for service or products.

Diversify Your Methods
for Driving Traffic

There isn’t a single way to drive traffic to your website. Some are more effective than others—like a high search results rank (i.e. being in one of Google’s 3-pack spots). However, there are many different ways to increase traffic. That’s why Local Rank can fit so well into any strategy for promoting website traffic.

Digital marketing specialists encourage businesses to employ many different methods to attract traffic to their websites. Creating high-quality content, featuring diverse types of content (i.e. text, video, photos), establishing a social media presence, using email marketing, and so forth can have a positive impact on your website traffic patterns.

Perhaps the most important method for promoting website traffic is SEO and local SEO. Yes, SEO can be complex, but it’s vital to concern yourself with it if you’re hoping to increase website traffic. Local Rank is one way to effectively enhance your local SEO. Every check-in and every customer review gives you local search value. Local Rank consistently and routinely supports your SEO initiatives. As you strive to increase website traffic, it works for you in conjunction with all of your online efforts.

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Increasing Website Traffic:
Low Risk and Low Cost

Taking measures to increase your website traffic is a low-risk and low-cost way to grow your business. After all, an app like Local Rank is affordable and associated with next to know risk. You make a small investment to subscribe to a check-in app designed to boost your SEO and you move up in search engine rank. Improved rank means greater local visibility. Improved visibility translates into an increase in website traffic. Using an app like Local Rank provides you with a low-cost method for supporting SEO. You stand to lose nothing but gain considerably in the competition for customer traffic.

How Does Local Rank Drive Traffic
to Your Business Website?

Local Rank helps businesses attract more website traffic because it supports your local SEO. When you or a member of your team uses the app to make a check-in, you earn online value for the job. The geo-identifier you use to check in (i.e. town, city, county) literally boosts your local SEO. As your business relies on the app to register these online check-ins, it can amass a substantial amount of local data that, in turn, demonstrates to search engines that you should move up in search result rankings.

Your page rank is important because it’s associated with your online visibility. If you’re buried in page three or four of the search results, your visibility isn’t good. The goal for businesses is to get to the first page of the search engine results. There, you will enjoy greater online visibility and are more likely to be discovered by potential customers.

Local Rank helps businesses move up in search results by enhance local SEO. Your check-ins aren’t the only online value you can derive from Local Rank either. Businesses also use the app to request customer reviews. Each review can also boost your SEO, helping your business on its quest to that first coveted page of Google’s search results.

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Local Rank is a mobile check-in and customer review app designed for multiple types of businesses, including e-commerce, brick and mortar, service contractors, and professional service providers. By using Local Rank, you can turn your hard work and great customer reviews into improved SEO, increased website traffic, and increased sales of products or services.