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Local Rank is a leading mobile check-in and customer review app. Why is it important to obtain favorable customer reviews? Positive reviews help to market your business to other potential customers. Did you know that more than 90% of people read online reviews before they visit a business—and more than 80% of consumers trust online reviews?

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t take time to request their customers or clients to provide a review. We’ve launched Local Rank to help businesses simply and routinely invite their customers to submit reviews. Customers can submit their review via email or text when the click on the Local Rank app link you provide them. They can even provide an audio testimonial if they choose!

After you send your customers a link for their review, they can submit it at their convenience. You can steer your customers or clients to submitting their reviews to other notable platforms too, such as Google My Business or Facebook. Each positive review helps to support your business—and helps to convince other customers to do business with you too.

Positive Customer
Reviews Build Credibility

When customers say positive things about your business or share their positive experience in a review, it can help to convince other potential customers to contact your business. New customers are likely to trust your business more if it is associated with excellent reviews studded with words like reliable, excellent, or great service.

From market research, we know that disgruntled customers are quick to take to the internet to vent their complaints or describe their negative experience. These types of reviews can have a disastrous impact on a company, especially if they pile up. We also know from market research that well-satisfied customers are not likely to visit the internet to voice their positive experience unless they’re asked to. This is an unfortunate paradigm, but that’s the way it is—until Local Rank.

With Local Rank, you can directly invite your customers to provide a review for your business. You send them the link, and they simply click it to share their positive experience. Tell them how important it is for you to share positive customer reviews. When you ask customers to provide a review and then make it ultra-convenient for them to do so, they’re more likely to do it. With each positive customer review, you can build credibility for your business, persuading other customers to conduct business with you too.

And—it’s not just customers you’re building credibility with. Positive customer reviews help you build credibility and business authority with search engines like Google. The more positive reviews you rack up, the more likely your page rank will increase. Tired of being located on page two or three (or worse) of Google’s search results when customers search for your local type of business? Use Local Rank to let your check-ins and customer reviews build your SEO and help you move ahead of your competition.

Improve Your Customer
Review Strategy?

Most businesses are gratified when they receive a glowing customer review. They might even share it on Facebook or feature it on the home page of their business website. While a single great customer review is nothing to sneer at, it’s not providing you with ongoing SEO support or effectively competing against businesses that are generating 100s of positive reviews.

Do you have a strategy for getting more positive customer reviews? If you don’t, you’re missing out on a valuable marketing opportunity. We believe that the best way to get your customers to share their positive experiences about your company online is to make it as convenient as possible for them. First, tell them that their experience matters to you—that their review of your service or product is an essential tool that can help you market your business. Then, send them the link to their text or email. All they have to do is click that link at their convenience and describe their experience. Either a few words or a few sentences are all it takes to provide you with the types of customer experiences you need to support your online marketing goals.

Using Local Rank allows you to consistently request customer reviews. It’s easy so all of your employees will be able to use the app as well. Just think—displaying just five positive reviews has a 270% rate for converting customers. Could you stand to win more customers? If you want to grow your business, it’s time to embrace a strategy to consistently get positive online reviews. Local Rank is that strategy.

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Give Customers
a Voice

Did you know that by giving customers a voice, you can create a higher lifetime value among them? Engaged customers tend to stay with the brands that engage them. Inviting them to provide reviews of their experiences is an essential way to positively engage your clients or customers. Tell your customers that your marketing endeavors hinge on their voice—their experiences. By using Local Rank on a consistent basis, you can create a community of involved customers who have a stake in your brand.

Start Generating
Reviews Today!

If you’re ready to start achieving more customer reviews, sign up today for Local Rank. We believe it can dramatically enhance your business’s growth. Try the demo to get to know this dynamic app that has so much potential for your SEO and customer conversion rate.

Make the Most
of Customer Feedback

Your business stands to learn a lot from customer reviews—even reviews that might include some criticism. Sometimes it rains in San Diego. Criticism isn’t the end of the world and it can provide you with a valuable learning tool. Does the customer have a point? Did you show up late? If you’re faced with a negative review, it’s important to respond professionally. In this case, you can mention how important it is to perform a thorough job and that your previous customer experienced a complex issue that required some overtime. You can also add that you’re scheduling appointments within window periods so that you are less likely to disappoint customers when these issues occur.

Customer reviews help you refine your way of doing business. They help you communicate better with customers and potential customers. Even if you generate mostly positive reviews, you can learn much from the feedback. Customers can tell you what they like best about your customer service, your products, or other aspects of your business. All of this information is important to keep in mind.

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Local Rank is a mobile check-in and customer review app designed for multiple types of businesses, including e-commerce, brick and mortar, service contractors, and professional service providers. By using Local Rank, you can turn your hard work and great customer reviews into improved SEO, increased website traffic, and increased sales of products or services.