See How Local Rank Logo Can Change Your Business!

See How Local Rank Logo Can Change Your Business!

By helping you generate customer reviews instantly, and dropping pins on a map on your website each time you visit a customer, the Local Rank App will help you increase visibility via local SEO, and in the 3-pack, but also help you convert web visitors into customers, too!

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Imagine an app that lets the hard work you perform on the job each day do your marketing for you. This is Local Rank, an innovative app that translates today’s customer service into tomorrow’s leads and sales. Local Rank is business-centric check-in app that you can use each day to enhance your local SEO, easily generate positive business reviews, and win new customers.

As a versatile mobile app, Local Rank is ideal for service contractors, brick and mortar businesses, delivery and e-commerce businesses, professional service providers, and so much more. We wanted to deliver an app to our customers that’s easy to use, makes fiscal sense, and produces real results—quantifiable results that help our customers grow their business. With Local Rank, you can achieve SEO and digital marketing credit for every job you do. Your check-ins and customers reviews translate into a mega-boost of local SEO, improved search engine ranking, increased website traffic, and so much more.

The hard work you do is your best asset! Now you can show it off easily with Local Rank. We invite you to get to know this dynamic app and how it can help your business achieve its growth goals and successfully market its offerings online.

What We Can Do


Local Rank is a savvy check-in and customer review app designed to boost SEO and increase business leads and sales. Each time you visit a customer or each time a customer visits you, you use the app to create a check-in. This check-in is a digital footprint that alerts the search engines that you’re doing business—that your business is a thriving part of local business sector.

During your transaction with your customer, you ask them to produce a review. You send them a link via email or text. They write a review for your service or products at their convenient. Once uploaded, these reviews also support your SEO and online business reputation. You can even upload photos and videos to further enhance SEO and better market to potential customers in your city or town.

Local Rank is easy to use, but its ease belies the dramatic impact it can have on your business. Local Rank fulfills a substantial portion of your digital marketing initiatives. It makes use of local check-ins, keywords, and reviews to achieve improved page rank, increased business website traffic, and more. Its implications are immense. We invite you to check out our demo and learn how Local Rank works and what it can do to enhance your business.

Watch the Demo

Check out a demo of Local Rank to hear about how it works and what it can do to promote your business. If you have questions, contact us. We’d be thrilled to discuss how Local Rank can specifically enhance your business in its local sector. If you’re ready to sign up for service, we’ll get you set up so you can begin to benefit from Local Rank right away.

Affordable App


Local Rank is an affordable business app that is ideal for virtually any type of business. Because you are busy on the job, you probably find it difficult to concern yourself with business marketing throughout your day. Local Rank markets for you. You simply check in and then ask your client or customer for a review. The check-in and review market that hard work you do. Check-ins and online customer reviews build your digital presence, bolster your local SEO so that more customers can find you easily, and they generate increased traffic to your business website—typically resulting in more business for you.

Local Rank makes it easy to request reviews, which is why our app outpaces other applications when it comes to generating online reviews of products and services. It takes mere moments to check in and send your customer a review link. Then—you can go back to doing what you do best—your work while Local Rank fulfills a vital niche in your ongoing marketing campaign.

Online Presence


In this competitive marketplace, it’s more important than ever to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find your business. No matter what type of business you have, you need an online presence to attract new customers. What—no marketing department? No million-dollar-plus marketing budget? No SEO guru on staff? No matter what type of business you have—how big or how small—you can benefit from our Local Rank app. It helps you market to potential customers even if you have a modest online presence. Local Rank helps you expand that presence—and all you have to do is use it to check in and request your customers to share their reviews.

Local Rank is convenient, affordable, and effective. Use it to compete in the marketplace and expand your online reach. When it comes to organically boosting your local SEO, there’s just no easier way. Contact us to get the demo and see what Local Rank can do for your business.

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Local Rank is a mobile check-in and customer review app designed for multiple types of businesses, including e-commerce, brick and mortar, service contractors, and professional service providers. By using Local Rank, you can turn your hard work and great customer reviews into improved SEO, increased website traffic, and increased sales of products or services.


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