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Yes, if you want to stay competitive in your local business sector, you need to be concerned about SEO—search engine optimization. One of the main reasons we’re so delighted to bring Local Rank to our customers is because it boosts local SEO—and customers don’t have to do a thing in that regard except to register their check-ins and request their customers to submit online reviews. Local Rank’s beauty is in its simplicity; it’s easy to use, but its simple operation belies its innovative functionality. While you work, it works to boost SEO for you.

What Is SEO and
Why Is It Important?

Search engine optimization is the process by which businesses, organizations, websites, etc…get found online via online searches using a search engine. Each major search engine such as Google and Bing feature primary search results. When a person searches for “electrician in Albany, NY,” or “personal injury attorney in Fresno, CA,” they’ll be greeted with pages of search results. An SEO optimized business will be featured higher in the search results. Since most people click on websites listed on page one of a Google search, it’s essential to be on that page.

If your business website is not SEO friendly, it’s likely further back in the search results where it’s unlikely to be found easily and certainly not doing you any favors. SEO is a major facet of digital marketing today. Yes, SEO is complex and can be highly technical. That’s we believe that all types of businesses can benefit by using Local Rank. It boosts SEO for you. All you have to do is use the app to check in and invite your customers or clients to submit reviews. SEO may be complicated, but Local Rank is easy to use and highly effective for improving your business’s SEO.

Improve Organic Searches:
What You Need to Know

Did you know that an organic search is the primary driver for website traffic? That’s right—most people locate your business website because of a search they performed on a search engine like Google or Yahoo. And, of all the search engines, Google has the lion’s share of searches on its platform. So, when talking about SEO, you’re often talking about Google and its search results.

Google has roughly 75% of the search engine market. So, most SEO experts will adjust SEO based on Google’s criteria. Typically, if your business is visible to Google, it’s going to be visible to the other search engines as well. When someone searches for a business in their local area, they’ll visit Google and key in their search terms. That’s an organic search. Google, Yahoo, or Bing will then present them with a list of relevant results. All companies who want to compete in the digital sphere will want to be found early in that organic search—on page one. Better still, in Google’s top three spots known as Google’s 3-pack.

Service Area Businesses

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Brick & Mortar Businesses

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Delivery & E-Commerce Businesses

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Updating SEO

One of the many reasons that SEO is complex is that its landscape changes frequently. Google may change its algorithms, prompting SEO specialists to adjust quickly. Google’s algorithms are smart. Gone are the days when keyword stuffing could earn a business a good sport in the search results. Google now penalizes websites with keyword stuffing. Instead, Google is ‘searching’ for websites to present searchers that feature authoritative content. What helps build a site’s authority and credibility? You guessed it—customer reviews!

Local Rank provides the kind of Google-friendly SEO that gets results. If your business is concerned with SEO and keeping up with the latest updates, choose Local Rank to enhance SEO. It’s simply not good business to ignore Google’s updates and how they impact your business SEO. By using an app designed to promote SEO, you can keep pace—even outpace your competition.

Is Your Business on Page One of
Google’s Search Results?

If your business isn’t on the first page of Google’s search results, it’s got room for SEO improvement. Every business should hope to be on that first page. Companies are vying for those top spots by investing in SEO. Invest in an app like Local Rank and your business can move forward toward its goal.

SEO Is Quantifiable

Many businesses have tight budgets to contend with. No one enjoys making an investment without being able to calculate its return. One of the great features of SEO is that it’s quantifiable. That means, you can analyze how your SEO is working. You can see where your business is in the search results. You’ll know quickly if your page rank has improved.

As SEO specialists, we’re concerned about measuring performance. What we’ve found is that Local Rank boosts SEO. It makes a substantial difference for users. The great thing about it—users don’t have to perform a technical function to enjoy this boost. All they have to do is submit check-ins and encourage their customers to use the app’s links to submit their reviews. Then, sit back and measure how your SEO improves. How simple is that?

Not every business can afford to keep an SEO specialist on staff. That doesn’t mean it can’t invest in its SEO. An affordable app like Local Rank pays for itself with the benefits it offers users in terms of SEO boosts. We invite you to learn more by signing up for our demo or contacting us with questions.

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Local Rank is a mobile check-in and customer review app designed for multiple types of businesses, including e-commerce, brick and mortar, service contractors, and professional service providers. By using Local Rank, you can turn your hard work and great customer reviews into improved SEO, increased website traffic, and increased sales of products or services.